Contact Information

Contact information:

V & E Simonetti Historic Tuba Collection

1825 Chapel Hill Road,
Durham, NC 27707

Owner:  Vincent Simonetti,

(919) 599-3791

Business phone number: (919) 402-0864 (during business hours only) Phone contact not during business hours is 919-599-3791

Current visiting hours: For our current visiting hours please click here.

No admission fee during regular visiting hours. We do ask for a donation when you visit, but no minimum donation is required during regular visiting hours.

*Visits to the collection during non-visiting hours are possible, but are subject to availability and require an appointment and a minimum donation of $25. To request an appointment, contact Vincent Simonetti directly at (919) 599-3791.*

12 thoughts on “Contact Information”

  1. I have a Couesnon & Co., Paris Eb Tuba
    Serial number 9, located on the 2nd valve.
    The horn has been overhauled and replated with silver plating.

    Are you interested in aquiring the horn?

  2. Michael KAY said:

    I appear to have a piece exactly like your “Pan American, EE flat tuba, 3 piston, c.1935” but a little tarnished and a couple of small dents, any hints on value? just a approximate is OK.

  3. Joseph Johnston said:

    I have a Buescher Miraphone (Eb) that is a wrap-around type horn. Silver plated, complete, all 3 values springy. Silver plated. Found 1903 date on one of the valve pieces. I used to play this when I was a boy (bought from a Wichita Kansas antique shop in the late 1960s). Complete with minor dents and needs a polish. Bell marked ‘The Buescher’ Elkhart Ind. Moving and I need to part with it. Email me at

  4. JEFETE VIEIRA said:

    i´m tuba hawkes son class a picadilli circus number 31211 what year of manufacture please

  5. Bernie Lynch said:

    where do I obtain information on a R.WUNDERLICH MAKER, CHICAGO french horn…it’s older than I am…it looks like early 1900s

    • Hi Bernie! To get more information on the maker of your French horn, you could look up the maker in the Langwill Index (check your local library) or try to find more information around on the internet (specifically through forums that cater to brass instruments, maybe TubeNet?). We do not collect French horns so we do not have much information on them. I’m sorry! Best of luck in finding out more about your horn!

  6. Margaret Squires said:

    We are trying to determine a value of my dad’s helicon. He passed last year. We have a buyer for it. But have no idea what it is worth. The bell says “Royal Artist, Bruno, NY”. It’s BBb. Needs a valve job and several braces soldered. Other than that, it’s in great shape. Can you give us an idea as to what to ask? Or maybe where else we can look to find out? Thank you so much for your time.

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