King, 1280 Symphony, BB flat tuba, 4 rotary, c.1933


The King Symphony model orchestra bass was designed in the 30’s to enable a bass player to easily switch back and forth between a stringed double bass and a tuba.  It was designed to be played standing up, and came with its own stand.  This short lived instrument went away when tuba/double bass doubling fell out of fashion.

Jack Barnsby with king standing tuba

Jack Barnsby with King Symphony model orchestra bass.

In use, the tuba would stand another 2 feet taller, to enable Mr. Barnsby to play standing up!

Tag #: 00856
Serial #: 157201

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
21 3/4″ .750″ 65 1/4″, w/o stand


“KING / MADE BY / THE / H.N. WHITE / CO. / CLEVELAND / OHIO” on bell. Ornate floral design engraved on bell around identificaton marks.

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