Besson, enharmonic, B flat baritone, 3 piston, c.1912


Tag #: 200411
Serial #: 96358

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
9.0″  .500″ 25.0″


“CLASS / A / Enharmonic / Patented / 50 Medals of Honor / B / Besson & Co. / “PROTOTYPE” / 198 EUSTON ROAD / LONDON / ENGLAND / * / A.P. SYKES / MELBOURNE” on bell. Very beautiful ornate floral design on bell around indentification marks. “BESSON & CO. / * / BREVETE” on 2nd valve.

The enharmonic system was an early Besson rival to the Blaikley system used by Boosey and Hawkes.  While the Blaikley system is a compensating system, the enharmonic is a variety of full double, having full length slides for both the Bb and F sides of the instrument.

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