Holton, Model 111, EE flat sousaphone, 3 piston, 1951


Tag #: 200514
Serial #: 222191

Bell Diameter Bore Size
24″ .662″


“FRANK HOLTON & CO. / 111 / ELKHORN, WIS. / USA” on bell. Ornate floral engraving around identification marks.

2 thoughts on “Holton, Model 111, EE flat sousaphone, 3 piston, 1951”

  1. Greetings. I own a Holton 111 E-flat sousaphone. The serial dates it to 1928. It has been lovingly cared for and is near mint condition. I use it for trad jazz gigs. All parts are original but I am looking for a back up neck and bits. Do you have any suggestions about where to look? The second bit accepts a European shank mouthpiece. I can’t really find much online. Thanks for your advice

    • Hello Jason. That sounds like a very lovely instrument. Unfortunately, no one has really been making E-flat sousaphones since the 1960s, so it is harder to track down parts. Your best bet is probably to have something custom made.

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