Conn, Wonderphone 80J, BB flat recording tuba, 3 piston, 1927


Tag #: 200602
Serial #: 247744

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
22 7/8″ .735″ 41″


“MADE BY / C.G. CONN Ltd. / ELKHART – IND- / USA” on bell. Some floral engraving around identification marks. This instrument has a front facing bell.

Catalog page may not show the exact model pictured above.

Catalog Page

4 thoughts on “Conn, Wonderphone 80J, BB flat recording tuba, 3 piston, 1927”

  1. Robert (Bob) Rann said:

    I have this model that I bought from Bernie Miller’s wife after he died. Bernie attended Julliard, and also played with the Fred Hall band in the late 20’s.
    After I inspected it, I found serial number 6 marked on the bell. I sent it to Conn to be completly restored in the late 70’s-early 80’s, and still have it stored in my garage. Anyone interested?

    I’ve played my 20J purchased direct from Connecticut in 1970 with the help of Turk Murphy, with whom I played in the 50’s. I played that horn with the South Frisco Jazz Band from 1966-1998 before retiring.

  2. Jerry franco said:

    Hello…wondering how much is a conn tuba 80j worth….3 valve…code word Jacky…

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