Conn, BB flat tuba, 4 rotary, 1923

200905-1 200905-3 200905-2 200905-4 200905-5

This Conn BBb tuba dating from circa 1923 is an extremely rare example of a rotary valve tuba made by the American maker C.G. Conn. Conn, like all the other American brass instrument makers of the time, used piston valves on 99.9% of their brass instruments. This rotary valve tuba was probably made for a special order and might even have been made for the famous tuba artist August Helleberg who lived from 1861 to 1936. Helleberg reportedly preferred rotary valves over pistons and was endorsing Conn tubas during the time this instrument was made. I acquired this instrument in 2009 after trying for nearly 15 years to purchase it from its former owner. Needless to say, we are extremely fortunate to have this fascinating tuba in our collection. VS.

Helleberg with the rotary conn

August Helleberg with a rotary Conn Tuba.

Tag #: 200905
Serial #: 204120

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
19.0″ .810″ 31 1/2″


“MADE BY / C.G. CONN Ltd. / ELKHART, IND. / U.S.A.” on bell.

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