Boosey and Hawkes, Oxford, E flat tuba, 3 piston, c. 1954

Tag #: 200808
Serial #: 190091

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
11 5/8″ .650″ 30 1/4″


“OXFORD / MEADE IN ENGLAND / BY / Boosey & Hawkes Ltd.” on bell. Ornate star engraved around identification marks. “190091” on side of bell.

2 thoughts on “Boosey and Hawkes, Oxford, E flat tuba, 3 piston, c. 1954”

  1. Sylvia Godfrey said:

    Hi I have an old tuba I would like to sell for my son, it’s a LP 374303 in rough shape. How much would it cost to repair this tuba so it’s in working order for sound? Could you tell me how old it is by the serial #.

    Thank you, Sylvia Godfrey

    • Hi Sylvia! Please email us at with images of the full front and full back of the tuba as well as a close up of the valve section and engraving. Do also include the serial number. That will help us determine the age. We can also recommend a great repair person if you include where you are located in your email. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

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