Martin, Handcraft, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, c.1931

200304[1]200304 Leonard Jung  Mr. Jung with a Navy Martin in 1957.

This impressive instrument was acquired from the ownership of Mr. Leonard Jung, former principal tuba of the premier Navy band.  His tenure with the Navy bands was from 1941-1962.

Mr. Jung had played a similar Martin tuba in the navy fleet during WWII.  Unfortunately, that instrument was lost at sea when his boat was sunk.  Later in the 1950’s, once he had been promoted to the principal tuba position with the concert band, Mr. Jung went to the Martin factory to pick out the new horn’s for the Navy band.  He appreciated the playing characteristics of these large Martins so much, that he later purchased this exquisite 1931 example for his personal collection in the 60’s.  We acquired this magnificent instrument from Mr. Jung in 2003, when he was in his 80’s, and felt he could no longer tote this 30+ pound instrument to and from rehearsals.

This horn exhibits the original leadpipe shanks that these tubas were provided with from the factory, to accommodate seating position.  The abalone buttons were added by Mr. Jung.

Tag #: 200304
Serial #: 104543

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
21 7/8″ .720″ 38.0″


“MARTIN / Handcraft / ELKHART / IND” on bell. Floral engraving around identification marks. “104543” on 2nd valve. Purchased from Leonard Jung, principal tuba of the Navy Band, retired.

4 thoughts on “Martin, Handcraft, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, c.1931”

  1. Madelyn Byrd said:

    Leonard Jung is my Dad–still with us at 96. I enjoy knowing that his beloved Martin is being treasured. It was my favorite.

  2. Dominique M. Echard said:

    Wow. Leonard Jung was my Grandfather, Madelyn is my mother. I had no idea that his tuba was so close to me. I live in Morrisville. Do you still have it? I would love to see it. That tuba is the one he used to play every day when I was growing up.

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