Conn, New Invention Standard, EE flat tuba, 3 piston, 1911

201105[1]  201105-3 201105-2201105-4 201105-5

This beautiful Eb standard tuba is representative of the size and type of tuba used in the first decade of the 20th century.  The size is quite a bit smaller than many horns in the collection.  The exceptional condition of this example shows off several original manufacturing features.  The original finish of this horn; satin silver, with burnished engraving, guards, and fittings, is well preserved.  Additionally, this appears to be a horn done in Conn’s #1 finish, which specified gold plating on finger buttons and tuning slide trim, as well as inside the bell.

It is interesting to contrast the engraving of this horn with that of the larger EEb Giant model in the feature collection.  The larger instrument was finished to #3 specification, which entails no gold plating, and a simpler bell engraving.

Tag #: 201105
Serial #: 119784

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
14.0″ .630″ 31.0″


“MADE BY / C.G. Conn Ltd. / ELKHART / – IND -” on bell. Floral engraving around identification marks. “1”, “2 / 119784 / TRADE [eagle] MARK”, “3” stamped on first, second, and third valves, respectively. Gold accents on valve caps and buttons.

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