Böhm and Meinl, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, ca.1984

Tag #: 200909
Serial #: 84709

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
20.0″ .750″ 36 3/4″


“BÖHM & MEINL / GERETSRIED / MADE IN W. GERMANY / 5500B” on bell. Model 5500B.

2 thoughts on “Böhm and Meinl, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, ca.1984”

  1. Jim Brennan said:

    Of all the variety, sizes and brands tubas I’ve owned an/or played in my life, this Bohm Meinl 5500B is without a doubt my favorite.That’s true for many reasons; athough typical full size BBb, it’s slender in appearance, comfortable when carrying and playing. Most of all it’s a very attractive horn. As for playing, it has outstanding clear responsive tone with excellent range with lower range qualities of a much larger bore horn. Whether part of a lower brass section in concert or featured in solo work, I’m very proud of this instrument and whenever the opportunity I love to show off its fine qualities.

  2. Jim Brennan said:

    I have a 5500B originally purchased in Germany. Condition is excellent with added third valve water key. Heavy duty soft carrying case also in excellent condition.
    Would like to have feel for approximate current value anticipating potential sale. Have several professional tuba player interests but would appreciate having current market read.
    Thank you

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