Conn, 25J, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, 1967

4964-1 4964-2 4964-3 4964-4 4964-5 4964-6

Tag #: 4964
Serial #: K09472

Bell Diameter Bore size Height
23 7/8″ .770″ 41.0″


“CONN / ELKHART / IND / USA” on upright detachable bell.  Note the offset, short action valves, a Conn patented feature.

Catalog page may not show the exact model pictured above.

Catalog Page

2 thoughts on “Conn, 25J, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, 1967”

  1. Looking for a Conn 25j silver plated or nickel to buy
    Please contact me with any available
    Thank you

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