Conn, New Wonder Giant, EE flat tuba, 3 piston, 1915

200601-1 200601-2 200601-3 200601-4 200601-5

This larger EEb model from Conn is representative of what is known vernacularly as a “Monster” tuba.  The Monster EEb was designed to replicate the sound of a b-flat tuba with the playing characteristics of an e-flat model.  To this end, the EEb monsters used scaled up bells and outer bows, and larger bores sizes to broaden the sound. Conn’s trade name for a Monster EEb tuba was “Giant”.

This instrument was finished in what Conn called a #3 finish.  This was originally a satin silver, with burnished fittings, braces, and bell interior.  It is interesting to contrast the engraving of this horn with the smaller Eb model in the feature collection.  That horn was done to #1 specification, which entailed more extensive engraving, as well as gold plated trim.

Tag #: 200601
Serial #: 141997

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
20.0″ .689″ 35.5″


“MADE BY / C.G. CONN / ELKHART / IND.” on bell. Floral engraving around identification marks.

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