Couturier, B flat euphonium, 4 piston, c.1920


Tag #: 02871
Serial #: 2780

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
11 3/8″ tapered, varies from~.500″-.600″ 26.0″


“CONICAL BORE / PATD / E.A. Couturier Co. / LA PORTE / IND.” on bell. Floral engraving around identification marks.

8 thoughts on “Couturier, B flat euphonium, 4 piston, c.1920”

  1. Jeff Johann said:

    If you were to ever sell this horn please call me. I will give you what ever you think is fair. I Play a lot and have realized the genius ofhis designs I have a flugel horn better then anything new.

  2. Jeffery Johann said:

    This is the holly grail. He was so far ahead of his time. If there’s anyway I can buy this horn please let me know. I play on a flugelhorn that he made, and it amazing the pure sound through out it’s range.

  3. Steve Watroba said:

    Dear Mr. Johann, I know of a Coutiere euphonium for sale.

  4. Jeffery Johann said:

    Somehow I managed to delete your email address, go figure. Anyway is there anymore progress on that baritone, or a P.O.C. that I can contact directly.

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