2 thoughts on “Bottali”

  1. yvonne lee said:

    I have a Botali, euphonium (3488) which was owned by my father who played in his city band in the 1920’s. I am thinking of donating it to our city historical museum. It is in excellent condition. Could you tell me how I would find out what its value is? Thank you for your time and attention.

    • Hi Yvonne! In order to figure out the value of an instrument, you need to send pictures of the full front, full back, engraving, and close up of the valve section and any damage (if there is any) to the instrument. You also need to include the height and bell diameter of the instrument as well as the serial number. Send all of this information in an email to vsimonetti@nc.rr.com and you should get your answer! Thank you.

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