Besson, B flat baritone, 4 piston, c.1910

200506-1 200506-2 200506-3 200506-4 200506-5

Tag #: 200506
Serial #: 86161

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
10.0″  .565″,1-3; .610″,4 25 1/2″


“CHICAGO / BORE / 50 MEDALS OF HONOR / BESSON & CO. / “Prototype” / 198 EUSTON ROAD / LONDON / (star) / ENGLAND” on bell. “C. FISCHER / 6. 4TH AV. N.Y. / SOLE AGENT U. STATES” added later to bell. “BESSON & CO. / (star) / BREVETE” on 1st valve.

3 thoughts on “Besson, B flat baritone, 4 piston, c.1910”

  1. Marilyn said:

    I just purchased a B flat, Baritone … Front facing removable Bell. Serial number 216515. It is so smooth, with a very rich sound. Besson star Brevette bottom of second valve, Made in England. I am actually a Trombone Player, and learning to play this at Home. I love it, and would appreciate any info on this instrument. You have a beautiful collection.

  2. Marilyn Stroh said:

    Thank you for answering.

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