York, Monster, EE flat tuba, 3 piston, c.1904

0021-1 0021-30021-2  0021-4 0021-5

This is the York “monster” EEb tuba.  The designation EEb is used instead of Eb to denote a larger e-flat tuba, intended to be used in the range of the BBb tubas.  This is perhaps the definitive version of a monster EEb, which is an e-flat tuba sized to replicate breadth of sound usually found in a BBb tuba.

The York EEb monster is well thought of even today, and was said to be the bell/body basis of the popular G50 Getzen CC tuba.  This particular monster pre-dates the 1910 York patented hi/lo pitch “donut” slide, so this high pitch model makes due with a “W” tuning slide to achieve low pitch.  The W shape was to allow for the extra required length, while still keeping the tuning slide out of your lap while playing.

Tag #: 00021
Serial #: 10264

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
18 3/4″ .656″ 32 1/2″


“Made By / J.W. York & Sons / Grand Rapids / Mich.” on bell. “W.B. Van Velsor” added to bell later. Some floral engraving around identification marks.

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