1 thought on “Boosey and Hawkes”

  1. I live in the UK and, so, have played Boosey & Hawkes tubas for many, many years. As an engineering apprentice I visited their Edgeware Factory in the 1980’s working alongside their production engineers on various linishing, dressing, and metal polishing process improvements. Got to see all sorts of brass instruments being put together and very fascinating it was too. At that time you knew who the manufacturer was and what level of quality you could expect. Today, I am less certain of the manufacture provenance of modern brass instruments, certainly in Europe that is. Not sure I’ll ever get to your side of the pond to visit your extensive collection, but you never know. As an aside, I was born just outside of the city of Durham. – That is, the one in England which is historically called, “The land of the Prince Bishops” (for many centuries ruled by the Bishop of Durham, treated as king). Geoff

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