Pan American, EE flat tuba, 3 piston, c.1935

200906-1 200906-2

Tag #: 200916
Serial #: 103994

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
16.0″ .625″ 30 3/4″


“- PAN AMERICAN – / ELKHART IND. U.S.A.” within elaborate eagle and globe engraved on bell. “103994” on second valve. “1”, “2”, “3” stamped on first, second, and third valves respectively.

7 thoughts on “Pan American, EE flat tuba, 3 piston, c.1935”

  1. John M Schumacher said:

    I have one serial number 139872.
    Any info.?

  2. fourquemin said:

    i’ve just bought a tuba PAN AMERICAN – / ELKHART IND. U.S.A. 210643.
    Can you give me some informations about it?
    Thank you.

    • Hi there! In order to get more information about your tuba, we would need pictures of the full front, full back, close up of engraving, close up of valve section, and measurements of the height and valve bore size. Send all of that in an email to and you should get a response pretty soon! Thank you.

  3. Lonny Young said:

    I have the same model (mine is from 1936, serial 120213). It still functions and sounds great.

  4. Stew Taylor said:

    I have for sale a 1923 Pan Am Eb 3 valve Tuba Serial # P36218. Silver Plated, 15″ Bell, .625″ #7 Bore, 32″ Length, 12 Lbs weight. Very similar to a Conn 2J

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