Featured Instruments


Our featured instrument display features L to R:
1st row, Couesnon C, Lehmann Double, Cerveny Euphonium
2nd Row, York Double, Sander BBb, Rotary Conn, Alexander CC
3rd Row, H.N. White Symphony, Moennig BBbCerveny BBb, Sander CCYork EEbSchmidt FGautrot Ophicleide
4th Row, Martin BBb, Conn EEb, Conn Eb, Holton BBb, Huttl BBb
This featured instrument display highlights some of the gems in the collection.  The two double tubas are represented, as well as two Cerveny side rotor horns.  Such seminal instruments as the Alex 163, and the York monster EEb, alongside such rarities as an original Rotary Conn, and a King Symphony standing tuba.  Finally, we have also included two of our rarest instruments; the Gautrot ophicleide and the Schmidt Berliner pumpen F tuba.


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