Moennig, BB flat tuba, 4 rotary, c.1875

200307-1 200307-3200307-2  200307-4 200307-5

This instrument may be one of the first double BBb tubas to be made in the USA. The key levers are on the sides of the valves. This is typically seen on civil-war period instruments, like the Foote OTS saxhorn in the collection.  This type of construction ceased circa 1880, to be replaced by the modern, rotary valve spatulas, an early version of which can be seen on the Boston Musical Instruments tuba in the collection.

Tag #: 200307
Serial #:

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
14.0″ .760″ 38 1/2″


“Made by / H.W. Moennig / New York” on side of bell. There is no serial number that can be found on the tuba.

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