Buescher,Recording model 640, BB flat tuba, 3 piston, 1939

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Tag #: 201410
Serial #: 289151

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
24.0″ .770″  N/A

Comments:“The / Buescher / B / Elkhart – Ind. – U. S. A. ” engraved on front of bell in decorative scroll.

This magnificent horn came to us with all the original accessories, including the two piece case, lyre, period stand, and original mouthpiece with bit.  The bit is important, as these american recording basses were designed to be played with at least one mouthpiece bit, like a sousaphone.  Playing without it causes the horns response to be wooly and indistinct.

1 thought on “Buescher,Recording model 640, BB flat tuba, 3 piston, 1939”

  1. Randy Cunningham said:

    Hi Vince,
    This is the closest-looking horn in your collection to the one I have. The bell looks identical & is 24″ also. The main difference is that mine has four vertical pistons, instead of three. I hope you received my email with description & pictures that I sent to you about a week ago. I sent it to:vsimonetti@nc.rr.com. If you did, please send me any info you have on this instrument & if you are interested in buying it, as I would like to upgrade to a newer, lighter tuba at age 65!

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