Keefer, E flat tuba, 3 piston, c.1916


Tag #: 200803
Serial #: 21215

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
15 7/8″ .650″ 30 3/4″


“BRUA C. KEEFER MFG. CO. / MAKER / WILLIAMSPORT PA / HIGHEST GRADE / 5643” on bell. “21215” on 2nd valve. Ornate floral engraving on bell, bottom bow guard, first branch guard, and ferrules.

2 thoughts on “Keefer, E flat tuba, 3 piston, c.1916”

  1. mary green said:

    hi! I am in possession of one of these tubas and I was wondering what it is worth my email is….if you would be so kind to email me the value of it I truly would appreciate it. Thank You, Mrs. Green

    • Hi Mary! In order to get an accurate value of your instrument we would need to see the instrument. Please send pictures of the full front, full back, close up of engraving on bell, close up of the valve section, and a close up of any damage to the instrument (if there is any). Send those pictures to Vincent Simonetti at Thank you!

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