Huttl, BB flat tuba, recording bell, 4 rotor, c.1930

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This large Hüttl BBb tuba has the distinction of having the largest valve bore (almost one inch in diameter) of all the 270 plus instruments in the collection. The fact that it has a front bell also makes it unusual.

A.K. Hüttl flourished in the Southeastern region of Germany from 1877 to 1945. The Hüttl factory was advertised as one fo the largest in Europe at the time with a workforce of over 200. Patents registered for Hüttl show that the firm was always experimenting and I suspect that this very large bore instrument was an experimental one.

I obtained this Hüttl tuba from a New England musical instrument dealer who told me that he had an old German tuba for sale. I asked him to measure the bell diameter, which he did. It was only 18 in., but I bought it sight unseen and was delighted to discover upon its arrival that it had such a huge valve bore. We are pleased to have this very interesting instrument as part of our collection. VS.

Tag #: 01440
Serial #:

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
18.0″ .910″ 47 3/4″


“Peter Edwards Co. Inc. / Agents / Boston Mass” on bell. “A.K. / Huttl / Graslitz” on lower part of bell. Valve bore is .910, the largest in the collection.

2 thoughts on “Huttl, BB flat tuba, recording bell, 4 rotor, c.1930”

  1. I have recently purchased a Anton Schopf tuba. I have researched this tuba on the internet unsuccessful. I was wondering if you could possibly know the history of this tuba and or rough idea of date.

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