Conn, Orchestra Grand, BB flat Tuba, 4 piston, 1915


Tag #: 05946
Serial #: 144653

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
22.0″ .772″ 38 1/4″


“MADE BY / C.G. Conn Ltd. / ELKHART IND.” on bell. Ornate floral engraving around identification marks.


1 thought on “Conn, Orchestra Grand, BB flat Tuba, 4 piston, 1915”

  1. Dan Anderson said:

    I have one just like this from 1916
    I play it frequently in pit orchestras, and traditional jazz bands, it’s a wonderful instrument with the BEST ergonomics for a 6′ player. Conn really built beautiful, functional instruments. Some notes are funky, others are other worldly. I’d love to have it overhauled, however have been advised not to because the character of the instrument could be lost for the sake of cosmetics. Love the “small” valves and the tight wraps. I think that open wrap design is inconsequential in tuba design.

    Dan Anderson

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