Gretsch, B flat euphonium, 3 piston, ca.1920


Tag #: 200348
Serial #: P22165

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
11.0″ .560″ 27 1/2″


“GRETSCH / AMERICAN / MODEL” on bell. Ornate floral engraving on bell around identification marks.

2 thoughts on “Gretsch, B flat euphonium, 3 piston, ca.1920”

  1. Gary Robison said:

    I have a Gretsch American Euphonium, but I do not know very much about it. It has a floral design like yours, but the serial number is 2899. Do you know where I can find information about it?

    • Hello Gary! Please send pictures of the full front, full rear, close up of the bell engraving, close up of the valve section, and close up of the serial number, along with the bell diameter, and instrument height to Vince, the collection owner, at: He will see if he can find more information for you!

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