Kalashen’s, Kaiser Model, BBb tuba, 4 rotary, ca. 1920-1939


Tag #: 201701

Serial #: 2022

Bell diameter: 16.5″

Height: 38″

Bore size: .790″

Comments: “KALASHEN’S/KAISER MODEL/NEW YORK/2022” on bell. Flower engraving surrounding text on bell.

Donated by Robert Basell in memory of Dr. Irving Cohen.

From Dr. Sarah H. Cohen: “Dear Mr. Simonetti, about 2 years ago, Mr. Robert Basell and his wife drove to your museum from West Chester University in West Chester Pennsylvania to donate a tuba. Bob Bassell was given this tuba by his tuba teacher from West Chester University. He received this from Dr. Irving H. Cohen who taught him the instrument as part of his required Instrument study it WCU. Dr. Cohen told Bob that he wanted no money from him but requested Bob, that whenever he finished using the tuba, he should donate the instrument to your museum for he felt that it had historic value and would fit into your collection. Bob used the tuba for many years and after receiving all of his musical degrees and teaching and heading music depth. in New Jersey, he was ready to retire and did. He knew that he had promised Dr. Cohen to bring the instrument to your museum when he no longer wanted to use it and so, he put the tuba in his car and drove it to your museum to give it to you. He took pictures of it with you and then sent to me a letter telling m wall of this. You said that it did have historic value and was pleased to receive it. Dr. Cohen had died in 1989 and it was a most meaningful gesture on the part of Bob Bassel to take it to you and fulfill Dr. Cohen’s wishes.”