Holton, medium, BB flat helicon, 3 pistons, 1914

Holton, “Monster” EEb Tuba, 4 piston valve, ca. 1913

Holton, Holtonphone, BB flat sousaphone, 4 piston, 1923

Holton, American-style medium recording, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, 1926

Holton, American-style Mammoth, BB flat tuba, 3 piston, 1927

Holton, “Beverley June”, BB flat Sousaphone, 3 pistons, 1933

Holton, BB flat sousaphone, 3 pistons, 1936

Holton, Model 111, EE flat sousaphone, 3 piston, 1951

Holton, Model 105, BB flat recording tuba, 3 piston, 1958

Holton, Model 99, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, 1966

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