Böhm and Meinl, CC tuba, 4 rotary, ca.1970


Tag #: 02512
Serial #:

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
19.0″ .790″ 36 1/2″


“B M / Symphonia” on bell. Marzan design.

2 thoughts on “Böhm and Meinl, CC tuba, 4 rotary, ca.1970”

  1. This is a Very nice collection. My own collection consist of one Bohm Meinl 3/4 B flat recording tuba with a removable Bell. Serial number 89909 or( it could be 60668) if I am reading it upside down. Germany, Bohm Meinl, and other graphics are engraved on the removable bell. Please reply if you have any information about this tuba. I would like to know the year built and any other information concerning this tuba. Thank you very much for sending a reply. Dennis Jones

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