Conn, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, 1910, catalog cut

From the 1910 Conn Musical truth vol 9 no 7 pg 29

The catalog shows the three valved version of 122998.

02479  1910 vol 9  no 7  pg 32  1911 BBb

2 thoughts on “Conn, BB flat tuba, 4 piston, 1910, catalog cut”

  1. megan Perkins said:

    I have a tuba very similar to the one above with serial number 124526. Can you give me a brief detail on this piece. Thank you

    • Hi Megan! To get more information on your tuba I will need a little more than just the serial number. Please send pictures of the full front, full back, close up of engraving on bell, and close up of the valve section of the tuba. Please also include the height and bell diameter of the tuba. If you can measure the valve bore it would be helpful to include that as well. Send all of this in an email to Vincent Simonetti at Thank you!

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