Sander, BB flat tuba, 3 rotary, ca.1900


Tag #: 200706
Serial #:

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
14 5/8″ .680″ 31 1/2″


“SANDER, WOLFSTEIN” on bell. No serial number could be located on body of instrument. Purchased from Herbert Wekelblott, principal tuba of the New York Metropolitan Opera, retired.

2 thoughts on “Sander, BB flat tuba, 3 rotary, ca.1900”

  1. Mark Lyles said:

    I also have a Sanders with Wolfstein, Pfaltz stamp, has three rotary valves, and is silverplated. Could not find a serial number just that stamping on the Bell. Thought it might have been produced in the late twenties early thirties. Purchased it from Moolah Shrine in St Louis Missouri in 1977. Still plays well.

    • Hi Mark! Thank you for contacting us! If you need a more accurate dating of your instrument, you can send pictures of the full front, full back, close up of engraving on bell, and close up of valve section. Please also include measurements of the height and bell diameter. Include all of this information in an email to Vincent Simonetti at Thank you!

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