Buescher, B flat Euphonium, 3 piston, 1912


Tag #: 201405
Serial #: 18154

Bell Diameter Bore Size Height
12.0″ .570″  24.0″


“The / Buescher / pat. Oct. 29 ’07 / ELKHART / IND.” inside beautiful relief engraving on bell.  1, 2, 3 on valves.  SN and PAT. MCH. 19, 1901 on second valve.

5 thoughts on “Buescher, B flat Euphonium, 3 piston, 1912”

  1. A friend sent me a Buescher Bb Euphonium, 3 valve, presumably 1911, serial # 14045. Poor condition. Perhaps best as a ornament or large candleholder.

    Your 2012 picture a beautiful instrument, and appears the same configuration.

  2. I have a Buescher euphonium with s/n 108670. It’s silver but very tarnished. Otherwise in good condition. What can you tell me about this instrument? Does it have any value?

  3. I have a similar Buescher Euph (serial 33xxx, with 1912 patent date). Mine also has the ‘W’ shaped main tuning slide, which I read was for ‘low pitch tuning’ – with the slide all the way in, it works OK for 440A tuning. The valves are worn, and I use drug store ‘mineral oil’ on them, which works fine for me. I play the euph just for Tuba Christmas events, as I’m primarily a trumpet player.

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